Pregnancy is a special period for every woman. On the one hand, it brings happiness to motherhood, and on the other - it is a huge responsibility for the life and health of the baby. Successful nurturing and birth of a baby depends on many factors, from parents' genes, their state of health to the emotional state and comfort of a pregnant woman. Therefore, in order to avoid the least complications and reduce the risks arising during the gestation, the expectant mother should scrupulously adhere to the recommendations of a specialist. Given the importance of the situation, the choice of a specialist should be approached very seriously.
Becoming on the register is from the seventh week of pregnancy - it will allow you to accurately perform all the necessary tests and diagnostics, and in case of detection of pathologies - reduce the risks for mom and child to a minimum.

The pregnancy management program includes:
The order of monitoring the state of health of the pregnant and the future child allows you to accurately monitor the patient’s health, accurately establish diagnoses and malfunctions in the body, and prescribe the best therapy. This will help
avoid many problems in the future both for the child and the mother.

Observation of the process of pregnancy with an obstetrician.
Consultations with doctors of related specializations.

Integrated monitoring of pregnancy.
Experts of our clinic, based on many years of experience, developed their own unique method of monitoring pregnancy, which includes several stages.

Our doctors have developed a special program for monitoring pregnancy after IVF. They are conditionally referred to a group of high-risk, so these future mothers need a particularly careful approach. At your service there is constant all-round support, carrying out of necessary procedures and analyzes.


We have 14 professors and doctors of medical sciences,
more than 20 candidates of medical sciences.

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