Egg Donation in Ukraine?

Ukraine is located in Eastern Europe neighbouring with Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and Russia among others. Ukraine is a territorially vast country, and there are 30 national infertility centres (according to the ESHRE). A majority of Ukrainian IVF centres are very popular among international patients, who seek high quality IVF treatments, egg donation, surrogacy and even IVF surrogacy at affordable costs. Surrogacy and all infertility treatment types are legal according to Ukrainian law.

IVF cost in Ukraine starts from 1,500 Euros (single cycle) and egg donation from 3,500 Euros (single cycle), that is a fraction of the price international patients would pay in the UK or the US. There is neither a waiting time nor age restrictions for oocyte recipients and egg donation in Ukraine. Egg donors, who are aged 18-35, have to meet strict physical and mental health requirements and are rigorously selected.

Ukrainian professional and well-trained fertility specialists have a good command of English and Russian language and usually have broad experience in reproductive medicine. Ukrainian infertility centres achieve very good results in IVF egg donation treatment, just above the European average.

If you consider undergoing your fertility treatment at an overseas clinic, IVF or egg donation in Ukraine is the way to go.


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