Consultation of geneticist

Consultation of geneticist is necessary not only for young parents, but also for mature ones.

Consultation of gynecologist

Consultation of gynecologist – an important part of intimate life of every girl who follows her health.

Consultation of children's neurologist

From the moment of birth the child should be registered in neurologist who, before the age of 18, will control all development processes of the child.

Consultation of mammologist

Consultation of mammologist is required for every woman for preventive purposes, as well as needed.

Consultation of pediatrician

Pediatrician is an indispensable doctor during the child’s growing up, because he/she performs the most important function.

Consultation of gastroenterologist

Pediatric gastroenterologist is engaged in diagnostics, treatment of diseases of gastrointestinal tract.

Сonsultation is necessary

The nutritionist is engaged in the selection of proper nutrition, which will help to get rid of many health problems.

Consultation of therapist

Do not engage in self-medication! Consult therapist, who, based on the results of the examination.

Consultation of neurologist

Neurologist – a medical specialist who deals with the study, treatment and diagnosis of the nervous system.

Consultation of psychotherapist

Consultation of psychotherapist is necessary today for every second inhabitant of the planet. Someone hides own problems, while others immediately rush to make an appointment to speak to a specialist. Indeed, by saying unpleasant moments, a person relieves his/her thoughts, thereby opening up the path to decision, inspiration and ideas. Stress, high physical and moral […]

Surgeon's consultation

Surgeon – a medical specialist whose main specialization is diseases that can only be eliminated by surgical intervention.


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